A Guide on How to Recycle Computer Monitors


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In our digital life, we cannot think about a day without computers as they help us to complete our work and also to get connected to the internet. Computer monitors are very essential factor because without a monitor we can’t able to see anything on the board. Technology is constantly evolving, leading to the frequent upgrading of electronic devices, including computer monitors. When we upgrade to a new monitor we need to make sure to recycle the old computer monitor properly to avoid electronic wastage and also need to avoid bad impact on the environment. So let’s get into the article to check out the ways to recycle computer monitors properly.

How to recycle computer monitors

There are multiple ways to recycle computer monitors and you can find out the same below.

Assess the Condition of Your Monitor

Before starting the recycling procedure, you need to assess the condition of your monitor and if it is still in working condition then you can consider donating it or selling it to someone for a small amount. This will help them to make use of your old computer monitor and you can avoid electronic wastage and also reduce the demand for manufacturing a new monitor.

Find out Local E-Waste Recycling Programs

There must be a local waste management or recycling Centre available in your area and you need to find at locate the same to make your job easy by submitting your old computer monitors and they will recycle them properly without affecting nature.

Recycle Computers

Exchange programs

When you purchase a new computer monitor, you can check out for the exchange program as multiple brands and retailers offer the same this will help you to send your old computer monitor for a proper recycling procedure and the same will also help you to save some money as well.


You can also consider reusing your old computer monitor in your place as well. You can convert it as your secondary monitor if it is in working condition or you can transform it a nest for birds around your home or office by dissembling the monitor.

So these are some methods that you can adopt to recycle your old computer monitors. We would love to see you sharing this article with your friends and family as they will be joining in our efforts to keep the planet green forever.

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