Delhi Air In Severe Category Again


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The people in Delhi are gasping for some fresh air as the air quality of the national capital of India has been in severe condition for the past few days. However, the capital of India received Some Rain a couple of days ago and that helped to reduce the amount of air pollution and helped the state to have better air quality but the celebration of Diwali and the crackers that were busted during the celebration made the situation critical once again. The air quality of Delhi is in the severe category once again and it is difficult to breathe in the state.

Today when I woke up and opened the curtains of my window I was welcomed to a choking smog cover that reduced visibility and also made me struggle to breathe. I have been living in Delhi for many years but this kind of serious situation is something new for me. It shows how it is important to control air pollution to live peacefully on this planet.

The AQI in the national capital of India slipped to “very poor” yesterday as smoke from firecrackers joined air pollution after the celebration of Diwali and now it made the situation even bad further, data from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) showed.

While the air quality index in ITO was pegged at 430 at 6 AM, the AQI in Jahangirpuri was recorded at 428, according to the CPCB data. It is worth mentioning that the AQI in RK Puram was 417, while in Punjabi Bagh was 410.


Having said that, the AQI between zero and 50 is considered “good”, and the southern part of the country especially Kerala has just 10 to 15 which means they have the best air quality.

The air quality of Delhi could lead to many health-related problems for people and the same will also create respiratory illness on prolonged exposure.

I would recommend to those who are staying in Delhi to avoid going outside your home and also try to have some air purifiers at your place to get some good air quality in your home.

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