Delhi Air Quality Falls Very Poor Condition


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We already reported that the national capital of India – Delhi is now a gas chamber and people are finding it difficult to breathe as the air quality of the city continuously falls. It is now said that the air quality of Delhi continuously falls on the fourth day to the very poor condition.

According to the Pollution Control Board, the air quality of Delhi remains in the very poor category for the fourth day in a row. This is a very severe condition and people will definitely find it difficult to breathe.

It is also reported that multiple areas in Delhi recorded AQI between 350 and 400, falling under the ‘Very Poor’ category. The city has been witnessing the same air quality for the last few days with AQI hovering around the same mark.

The environment minister of Delhi Gopal Rai has officially said that the government is keeping a watch on everything but people need to be alerted.

The stubble burning in the nearby States including Punjab is one of the major problems of this bad air quality in Delhi and the Punjab government has said to control over 50% as compared to last year.

Delhi Air Quality

Bad air quality will create the course for various diseases like breathing difficulties, asthma, and more. We would like to recommend purchasing new Air purifiers at your home and offices to tackle the bad air quality in Delhi.

We would also like you to advise us to stay in your home and not go outside unnecessarily during the current scenario. Let’s hope that the situation will come under control and people need to cooperate with authorities and you guys can also adopt various methods to help the government to control air pollution in Delhi.

You can adopt various strategies like car polling and this will help you and your colleague to go in the same car and in this way, you can able to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. If you are someone who is looking for a new vehicle then we will advise you to purchase an electric vehicle as the same will avoid pollution and create a positive impact on the environment. So these are some strategies that you can adopt to control air pollution.


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