Delhi Government Implements New Strategy To Fight Against Air Pollution


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We already updated the severe condition of the national capital of India – New Delhi, the people of the region are struggling to breathe as New Delhi has become a gas chamber due to heavy air pollution. We already updated the problems behind the air pollution in Delhi previously and today we got a new piece of information that says the Government of the state has implemented a new strategy to fight against air pollution. So without making any further bebe let’s get into the article to check out more details about the new strategy of the Delhi government.

The Minister of Transport for Delhi Kailash Gahlot has officially announced that the government of Delhi would announce its “Delhi Motor Vehicle Aggregator and Delivery Service Provider Scheme 2023.

The plan mandates that all cars used by e-commerce aggregator platforms, service providers, and passengers must be electric vehicles and the same will be implemented by 2013 which means we have 7 years of time.

The government has also confirmed that within ninety days of the scheme’s notification being published, the minister also says all aggregators, both new and old, would have to get a license. The Minister also says that the plan will be informed later in the day.

Air Pollution

The Minister also says that only the Arvind Kejriwal administration in the nation has implemented a plan that involves the widespread use of electric vehicles and this will help to reduce pollution.

So let’s wait and see how things will turn around and we are looking forward to learning about the new scheme of the Delhi government. We recommend you to stay tuned with us for the latest updates and best practices to create a good impact on the environment at your fingertips.

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