Natural Ways to Keep Your Hair Black in 2024


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As we grew the colour of our hair started to fade and grey hairs started to appear. If you want to keep your hair colour black naturally then this article is meant for you as this will help you to stay away from chemicals and keep your hair black naturally. So without making any further delay let’s get into the article to check out the natural ways to keep your hair black and the same will boost your confidence.

Consume Vitamin C

You must need to start eating some natural gifts like Amla as the same features vitamin C and antioxidants, both elements will be helping you to maintain your hairs black and the same will also provide strength and promote hair growth. You can use amla in the form of oil, consume it raw, or apply a paste made from its dried powder to your hair.

Black Tea Rinse

Black tea offers energy while drinking but the same can also be used to maintain your hair colour black as the same comes with the high concentration of tannins that is capable to dark your hair. You can use the same by brewing a strong cup of black tea and place allow it to cool, then you can use it as a final rinse after your regular shampoo. Repeat this process regularly to achieve the desired effect.


Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves:

The combination offers a brilliant test in food but the same can also provide a good result by keeping your hair colour black. Curry leaves are rich in nutrients that prevent premature greying. Heat a handful of curry leaves in coconut oil until they pop. Cool the oil, strain it, and apply it to your hair regularly. This not only helps in keeping your hair naturally black but also ensures it’s well-nourished and shiny.

So these are some essential ways to keep your hair colour black naturally and start adopting the new habit in this brand new year to shine between your friends and family.

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