Various Ways to Recycle Hair


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Hair is the gift from nature and we always cut the same to maintain a good look but it is very necessary to recycle your hair to create a good impact on the environment. Today we will be checking out various ways to recycle hair and that will be helping you to join the army to keep the planet green forever. So without making any further delay let’s get into the article to check out the various ways to recycle hair.

Hair Mats for Oil Spills:

Human hair’s natural absorbent qualities and you can use the same material for cleaning up oil spills. Can find various organizations who will receive here to create mats and booms that effectively soak up oil from water surfaces. So you can do the job to create a good impact on the environment.

Recycle Hair

Composting with Hair:

Hair is a good source of nitrogen and the same can be a valuable addition to your compost pile. When mixed with other compostable materials, hair aids in creating nutrient-rich soil for your garden. Just be sure to chop it into smaller pieces for faster decomposition.

Bird Nests and Pet Bedding:

Instead of leaving your hair at the floor of the Salon, you can gather the same and make nests as well as pet bedding using your hair to offer shelter for our fellow beings.


You can donate your hair to the Institutions that receive for cancer patients as your hair can offer a big smile on the face of someone and this will offer a special happiness inside you.

So try to implement the strategies to create a good impact on the environment by recycling your hair and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family as we together can keep the planet green forever.

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