GiftAFeeling: Building Stronger Relationships with Sustainable Gifting


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As the world becomes more conscious of the impact of human activities on the environment, individuals and organizations are searching for ways to make a difference. Sustainability has become a buzzword, and businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental footprint.

This pressure has led to many companies looking for more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to their everyday needs. One of the ways that businesses can reduce their environmental impact is through sustainable gifting, and GiftAFeeling is leading the way in this domain.

GiftAFeeling is a globally recognized thought leader and the #1 leading R&D company in the gifting and giveaways domain around the world. They offer research-based products and services that not only increase the cost-efficiency of your promotional merchandise and corporate gifting campaigns but also help you build stronger and longer relationships with your target audience.

GiftAFeeling recognizes that in today’s world, merely giving away promotional products isn’t enough. Most promotional products end up being wasted, failing their intended purpose.

The company has incorporated sustainability into every aspect of their business model to ensure that their products get the desired visibility and impressions while reducing the environmental footprint of promotional products.

One of the ways that GiftAFeeling incorporates sustainability in its business is by working with the industry’s most expansive portfolio of environmentally and socially responsible retail brands.

They offer the largest, most diverse collection of eco-friendly promotional gift options, including Nike, Under Armour, Yeti, Puma, Adidas, among others. This means that businesses can promote their brands while being eco-friendly.

GiftAFeeling is also committed to reducing carbon emissions by carbon offsetting 100% of their domestic shipments through their major logistics partners at no cost to their customers.

The company’s partner-programs track the origin, destination, and transportation method of each package leaving their distribution centers across North America, calculating each shipment’s carbon footprint.

That impact is then transferred into environmental efforts, such as reforestation, rainforest conservation, renewable energy, and water filtration.

The company also donates 100% of misprinted products to non-profits instead of landfill.

These include animal shelters, and customers are given an option to choose where they would like to donate their returned products to. This is in addition to the annual donation to non-profit organizations to fund local communities.

GiftAFeeling eliminates 99% of all air-freight from its supply chain, reducing CO2 emissions on an average rate of 20-30X. Moreover, the company reuses a minimum of 65% of incoming cardboard for outgoing logistics.

They are an affiliate of the Fair Labor Association to ensure equitable treatment of everyone throughout their supply chain. GiftAFeeling also requires their operations and any related factories that manufacture goods for them to comply with all applicable environmental regulations in their locations.

The company has introduced the GiftAGreen line of products that offers sustainable alternatives to traditional promotional products. Every GiftAGreen product is required to have full documentation and verification of sustainability claims.

Additionally, GiftAFeeling makes personalized gifts on demand, which means that they only start working on the product once the customer places the order. This way, the company avoids overproduction, takes care of its customers and the planet they all share.

GiftAFeeling’s packaging is another area where they incorporate sustainability. They package single personalized gift orders in post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic mailers, which are made from everyday items like used plastic bags and bottles.

This material protects orders just as well as regular plastic bags. However, choosing PCR over first-use plastics reduces the environmental impact plastic has on our planet.

GiftAFeeling’s commitment to sustainability is commendable. By incorporating sustainability in every aspect of their business, the company is making a significant contribution to

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