How To Recycle Wheelchairs


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Wheelchairs are a very important factor for those who can’t able to walk or people with old age issues. For a person like me, who can’t able to walk a single step. A wheelchair is like a part of my body as the same helps me to move around. I can’t able to think a day without having my wheelchair because without the product I cannot able to move from one place to another. Having said that, wheelchairs are available in different types. We can find manual and electric wheelchairs. Both are made from plastic along with the metal materials. We often replace wheelchairs after a certain time due to various reasons for example for better comfort and more. When we replace our wheelchairs we must be responsible to nature as well. We need to dispose of or recycle wheelchairs properly to avoid a bad impact on the environment. Today we will be checking out the ways to recycle wheelchairs and I request you to please read the entire article and share it with those who use a wheelchair. So let’s get into the article to check out the guide.

Understanding the importance

Wheelchairs are made from plastic materials and metal materials. If you have an electric vehicle then it will be loaded with battery and other electronic elements. All those items are very serious to the environment as they will not degrade naturally and it will create lots of problems, especially the battery of an electric wheelchair. So we need to dispose of them properly or recycle them in a responsible manner.


Local guidelines

Our municipalities always set guidelines for the recycling or disposal of every item and you can consult the local recycling centers for the guidelines as they will help you to recycle or dispose of them in a proper manner or they might also recycle the items for you that will make your job easy as well.

Try to exchange

Exchange is one of the best solutions whenever you purchase a new wheelchair as the manufacturer will recycle and dispose of the old unwanted items of a wheelchair in a proper manner and this will avoid the risk of bad impact to the environment. Moreover, when you exchange your old wheelchair with a new wheelchair, the company will offer a discount as well and that will be beneficial for you as well.


Your old wheelchair might not be good for you but not for others. You can find local charity Institutions or NGOs. You can also find some poor people who require a wheelchair as well. Donating your old wheelchair will not only help them to commute but will also avoid the consumption of resources and that will create a good impact on the environment.

Maximum utilization

Before thinking about the recycling procedure, you must consider using the wheelchair at its maximum because that will help you to save money and also to conserve resources. You can use some alternatives like using extra pillows for better comfort or you can patch if there is any wear and tear on the body.

So this is how you can able to recycle or dispose of your old wheelchairs in a proper manner. We recommend you to share this article with others and join with us to keep the planet green forever.

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